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Flight of the Buffalo

             The Flight Of The Buffalo by James A. Stayer is a extraordinary information book on how to operate a business of opulence. This book is a must for leaders who want to be less of a buffalo (person in charge of everything) and to have their employees help themselves and make business decisions (flock of geese). .
             James A. Belasco has been in business for approximately forty years. Some of his businesses that he has ran include a bakery, a dry cleaning store, construction company and so on, and each business has ranged from a few hundred thousand to about five hundred million dollars. He was a professor for thirty years at Cornell University and then at the State University of New York at Buffalo. The last twenty years of his career he has been at San Diego State University. He loves teaching and challenging people to think about new ideas and questioning how things are. Research gives him the opportunity to unravel the mystery of business and search systematically for answers. James worked hard and worried a lot about what he did for his businesses, he thought he had to have everything in order and had to be in charge of it all. But he soon wondered why he was so tired and his job was not very enjoyable, he didn't realize what the bottom line of business really was. He eventually learned the secrets of success in business and he read books, attended seminars, and received numerous degrees. But he realized he still did not get the respect he thought he deserved. He met Ralph Stayer through a business partner and he gave James some material of Ralph's to read. On a business trip he read Ralph's material and was impressed so he called him as soon as he arrived in England. They made arrangements to meet at a later date in California. During their meeting in Long Beach he realized that him and Ralph were soulmates and their lives were parallel to each other. They consult together and still remain friends.

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