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SUV debate

            What would Jesus drive? Would he drive a mid-size car? Funny man Jay Leno thought Jesus would drive a SUV being a carpenter and all. He probably wouldn't drive a car. I"d imagine he would walk around, so does that mean I should sell my car? I honestly don't think Jesus cares what we drive. I love hearing that slogan, because it's doesn't deal with the facts at all. SUV 's are a hot topic in America today, and there are some voices that speak strongly one way or the other with good reason. Many of them do have the facts to put together a valid argument, but when people throw out stupid slogans like what would Jesus drive, I wonder how they know what he would drive. To get an idea of what SUV "s are, we have to understand them better. Questions like, is it safer, is it too dangerous, is it too much of an environmental nightmare pose arguments for support or opposition. However, with these questions we have to understand what do we need them for, why were they created, and are the people who use them small minded, aggressive, and illogical. Using some writing from John Locke, Benjamin Franklin, and American History documents a case can be examined of what is justified use of a SUV. We can look at this topic through discussion if SUV "s are in fact useful, is it small minded to drive one, and safety, the environment, and the solution. .
             The origin of the sport utility was born from the jeep. The army needed a fast quick and dirty way to get soldiers from one place to another within their own camp. This vehicle was to replace the motorcycles and model-T. It had to be built tough to speed through the mud and not get stuck. The army had around 135 designs and picked Jeep to be the manufacturer (jeep.com). From the start we see that it was meant for a big vehicle for transportation. This transporter evolved into the monster we see today. It was created to be something to be used for convenience and to make life better.

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