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Criticism of Edgar Allan Poe

             Edgar Allan Poe is one of the original American romantic writers. A romantic write is one who writes about nature and his surroundings, and Poe does this very well. He is also probably one of the most popular poetry writers known around the world today. Twentieth century American writer, Edgar Allan Poe uses different narrative elements in his work, Masque of Red Death, in order to present different themes for readers.
             There has been a lot of controversy throughout Edgar Allan Poe's life. "Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston Massachusetts on January 19, 1809". "His parent's names were David and Elizabeth Arnold Poe". "David and Elizabeth were both actors at the time of Poe's birth." "Poe didn't get to know his father to well because his father ran off when Edgar was only an infant". "Poe also lost his mother at a early age". "He witnessed her death at the age of three". "Elizabeth died from coughing up blood from Tuberculosis after a performance". "Poe was then adopted by his foster parents named Frances and John Allan". "They were both tobacco merchants". "His foster parents educated him in private academies in England and also in Virginia" (Comprehensive Research and Study Guide of Edgar Allan Poe). Poe's early childhood must have had a big impacted on him since he lost his parents.
             Once Edgar Allan Poe became older he enrolled in the University of Virginia in 1826. After graduating for Virginia he then entered in the United States Military Academy at West Point from 1830-1831. Poe then went to the army after getting in a quarrel with his foster father over a gambling problem. .
             Edgar Allan Poe's Adult life was very different from his childhood. "On May 16, 1836 Poe married his 14 year old cousin, Virginia, who lived in Baltimore". "Poe then lost another loved on from Tuberculosis". "Virginia died from Tuberculosis in 1847". "After Virginia's death, Poe plunged into a severe depression".

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