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Edgar Allan poe

             Edgar Allan Poe is an incredible writer that liked to write many poems, short stories, and literary criticism. Edgar Allan Poe was the son of an actress named Eliza Poe and a son of an actor named David Poe Jr. He was born January 19, 1809. Edgar had a brother and a sister. Before, Edgar Allan Poe was three years old him and his brother and sister became orphans. Edgar Allan Poe was taken to the home of John and Fanny Allan, in which they lived at Richmond, VA. Edgar and the Allans lived in England for five years from (1815-1820.) During that time Edgar Allan Poe went to school during those five years in England. In the year 1826 Edgar Allan Poe entered the University of Virginia. Edgar Allan Poe was a very bright student, which just about anyone can tell you the only problem was that John Allan did not want to pay for his debts, so it was not even a year before Edgar Allan Poe had to leave the University, because he could not afford it. A year later, in 1827 he published his first book. His first book was called "Tamerlane," he also published other poems. His signature in his published books and poems was " A Bostonian.".
             In1835 Edgar Allan Poe brought his cousin Virginia and his aunt Maria to Richmond, in which he started to work with Thomas Willis White at the Southern Litterary Messenger. During this time, Edgar Allan Poe married his cousin Virginia, which is incredibly wrong for two reasons. Number one Virginia is his first cousin, and number two she was only thirteen years old while he was in his thirties. Now, yes there was something wrong with that I would definitely say that. The work that Edgar Allan Poe did with the messenger was just critical nature, although he did publish some literary work named, " Berenice." His work was incredible but the reason that his messenger had to let him go was because of Edgar Allan Poe's drinking habits. The messenger had no choice but to let Edgar Allan Poe go.

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