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Edgar Allen Poe

             Edgar Allan Poe's alcohol abuse and life lead to some of his famous poems. This is proven by two short stories "Tell Tale Heart" and "The Black Cat.".
             Edgar Allan Poe was a famous American writer born in Massachusetts in 1809. He was an orphan raised by his older brother John Allan. In 1827 Poe started working because he owed money from gambling and drinking. Edgar Allan Poe didn't like working so he quit his job as a clerk. He went back to Boston and wrote his first book Tamerlane and Other Poems. .
             Poe enlisted in the army in 1827 and served a two year term. He wrote his second volume of verse Al Aaraaf. He then dropped out of the army and his father disowned him permantly. Edgar Allan Poe's third book Poems was written in 1831. .
             That same year he moved to Baltimore, and lived with his aunt and her eleven year old daughter. The following year his four book A MS. Found in a Bottle. won a contest. Eighteen years later Poe died in 1849 due to alcohol abuse.
             In The Tell Tale Heart the narrator kills an old man because the narrator thinks the old man has an "evil eye". After the narrator kills the old man he hides the body under wooden floor planks. Later he confesses to the police because of his guilt. This is related to his life because he lived with his dead mother for three days. This situation is similar to the story the way he tries to live with the death of the old man.
             The Black Cat is similar to The Tell Tale Heart. A lover of domestic animals had many pets and lived comfortably in a house with a wife and pets. One day because of too much alcohol he cuts out his cat Pluto's eye and hangs it. The narrator burns the cat to get rid of it then finds a new cat just like Pluto. When the cat touches him he tries to kill it with an ax. His wife tries to stop him but she winds up getting killed with the ax. He puts his wife in a basement. He confesses to the police what he did. The disappeared cat is found behind a wall in the basement.

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