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The Stone Diaries

             Canadian literature is different from other literature it deals with inner lives of a person. The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields is an example of great Canadian literature. The Stone Diaries is the story of the life of Daisy Goodwill Flett. We see her witnessing her birth and her death and everything between. Daisy has many gaps and voids in her everyday life this causes her to be unhappy in life. She always feels alone. She loses her mother at childbirth and raised by her neighbor Clarentine Flett. Her father Culer Goodwill is unable to care for her right now. This is the beginning of her voids, gaps and holes.
             The first void in Daisy Goodwill life is at her birth. She is born, and her mother Mercy dies. Her father is in a deep sorrow. Clarentine Flett raises Daisy, after Mercy's death.My mouth is open, a wrinkled ring of thread, already seeking, demanding, and perhaps knowing at some unconscious level that filament of matter we struggle to catch hold of at birth is going to be out of reach for me.
             Daisy is immediately separated from her mother, an absence, a void that continues to plague her. .
             Clarentine Flett gave the baby her first name, Daisy. She left Tyndall, Manitoba with the baby to go and live with her son Barker Flett in Winnipeg. Culer Goodwill did not even know the name of his child when Mrs. Flett left town. He found out, later in a letter.
             Even with the death of his wife, Culer still loves his child, he cares for her with monthly checks.
             It would be unnatural if a father did not love his child, but what Culer Goodwill feels is only a pygmy love produced by the ether custom. He has responsibilities. He sends money for her keep. He writes Mrs.Flett letters in which he expresses his concern for the child's health and happiness, but, in fact, he seldom thinks in such terms. Who is this being, flesh of his flesh? (Daisy is not a name he would chosen, but the child had to be called something, and he was in no fit state after my birth to turn his mind to names.

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