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1776 - Adapting Film to a Broadway Musical

            Nominated film adaptation of a hit Broadway musical about the First Continental Congress and the events in Philadelphia surrounding the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This film was nominated for both, the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or comedy and the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. 1776 is an example of a motion picture that shows you can still create an entertaining, humorous, and dramatic work of art without straying from the histories roots by displaying numerous events that were recorded in our nation's history.
             On May 8th of 1776, the first continental congress meets together in Philadelphia to vote on the matter of "whether or not to grant General Washington's request that all Rhode Island militia be required to wear matching uniforms"1. Congressman of Massachusetts, John Adams, runs down into the Pennsylvania State House and displays his disgust in the lack of seriousness of the issues that the congress must vote on. This scene in the film portrays how the protagonist of this film takes his country seriously and goes on to show the hostility towards Adams from the rest of the congress when they break out into the song titled "Sit Down, John". The issue for independence is brought into motion by Richard Henry Lee from Virginia and seconded by John Adams which sends the race for independence in motion, which is clearly stated in American Horizons U.S. History in a Global Context.2 The film goes on to show the hardships the patriots face while trying to win over the rest of the congress and rise against the British crown by putting Jefferson's Declaration of Independence into active duty.
             Although it plays an important role in the character development of John Adams, the theme that he is "obnoxious and disliked" is far from the truth. According to biographer David McCollough, Adams was one of the most respected members of the first continental congress.

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