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The Golden Age of Hollywood Movies

             At the beginning of the 20th century in America pioneer film-makers --- looking for sunny lands --- left their studios and moved from the eastern maritime region to South-California, where 350 sunny days were guaranteed per year.
             The story of movies began in an other continent: It was in Europe, in Paris that Auguste and Louis Lumiére--- after several years of experimenting--- showed a film on the screen for the first time (on 28th of Dec. 1895.), for a paying audience. However the first film- making companies were founded in America and the new industry soon took wings in Hollywood.
             One of the first companies, the United Artists, was founded by Douglas Fairbanks ---the fearless hero of silent films--- and his wife Mary Pickford and in a short time they were said to be the uncrowned king and queen of Hollywood. In the 1920s many of the most popular movie stars, such as Buster Keaton, Rudolph Valentino and Gloria Swanson joined the United Artists.
             During the following decades there were revolutionary changes in the Hollywood -centered films. When the sound and the colour film appeared, companies began to pour out the most variuos kinds of films: musicals, westerns, cartoons, romantic stories, comedies, gengster and horror films .
             The film starts speaking.
             There were attempts to make a reliable sound film-technique from the beginning of the 20th century. On 6th of Oct. in 1927,in the Warner theatre, in New York the gathering audience was looking forward to see the first American sound film, the Jazz Singer, with Al Johnson starring in it . Though only a part of the film was sound, it had a great success.
             The first film that had sound from the beginning to the and was made in1928, in Hollywood. It was the Lights of New York. (The next year Alfred Hitchock directed the1st English sound film, the Blackmailing.) .
             Let's dance!.
             After the sound film had appeared, a lot of cheerful musicals were made.

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