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Prosperity Dduring the Roaring Twenties

            In the early 20th century, otherwise known as the Roaring Twenties, the United States did not only dramatically change economically, but the sudden burst of popular entertainment, new intuitive inventions, and the initiation of mass productions, made America the wealthiest country in the world. This hyper-emotional patriotism in America can be attributed to the recent end of World War I and the country's "Return to Normalcy," as promised in President Warren Harding's presidential campaign. However, the Roaring Twenties marked the end of economic and social improvement for a long time, since the Wall Street Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression would hit in the next decade. Nonetheless, the 1920s was an incredible period of optimistic ambitions of wealth, entertainment, large-scale production, and sustained economic prosperity in America.
             Since the end of World War I, America had been recovering and healing its wounds. By the turn of the new decade, the twenties, many military veterans had returned home with wartime wages and ambitions to begin their new lives. Businesses boomed, construction of skyscrapers commenced, and the unprecedented growth of the distribution of consumer goods accelerated. Through the utilization of mass production and assembly lines, the large scale use of telephones, automobiles, electricity, modern technology, and motion pictures rapidly increased in the 1920s. Henry Ford's new implementation of the assembly line greatly dropped the production price of his Ford Model T from $1200 to only $295. He could build a single vehicle in less than 90 minutes, resulting in Model T's coming off the line in three-minute intervals. In less than a decade, Ford sold over fifteen million Model Ts. By 1929, the United States had produced over 90% of the 32 million automobiles in the world. Another application of large scale production was radio stations.

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