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Summary on The Luck Of Roaring Camp

            In the 1850's in a place called Roaring Camp there was a gathering, the whole camp was in near a cabin in outer edge. Conversations took place and a name was frequently repeated, "Cherokee Sal." Cherokee Sal can be described as very coarse, feared and sinful woman, the only found in Roaring Camp. She was lying in sore extremity needing the ministration of her own sex. She was suffering, the primal curse had come to her. She was having a child.
             Things were as a resident of the camp said, "rough on Sal." Deaths weren't anything new in Roaring Camp, however a birth was. Stumpy was sent in to help, as he had experience in this, he had been the putative head of two families. While the surgeon and midwife closed the door behind them the rest of the camp sat smoking its pipe, and awaiting the issue.
             Hundreds were gathered, within the crowd were fugitives, some criminals and all were reckless. The strongest man had only three fingers on his right hand, and the best shot one eye. Bets were going on the odds, "Sal wound get through with it" three to five. And in a instant the camp grew quiet, as a loud cry was heard unlike any cry ever heard it seemed as though Nature itself had stopped.
             A few revolvers were shot as the camp rose to its feet. After an hour of these events, Cherokee Sal had passed passed away. The announcement of death didn't disturb them much as to the fate of the child, now an orphan. The men gathered in single file and walked through the cabin where the little one lay, making donations from silver and gold, to hats and a silver teaspoon to help contribute what they could to the orphan.
             As the child reached his first month of life it was known that it was time to issue him a name. He had been known as "The Kid", "Stumpy's Boy", "That damned little cuss" and even "The Coyote" because of his abilities to cry. Oakhurst said to call him Luck as he thought the baby had brought luck to the camp.

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