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The Roaring Twenties

             The Roaring Twenties was a decade of fun and general good feeling in the United States. The country was caught up in new music, new dances, new games, blossoming literature, different fashions, new heroes and heroines, and booming business that left everyone with a good feeling. The Roaring Twenties was also known as the Jazz Age and the Era of Wonderful Nonsense due to the many fads, or styles or activities that are popular for short amounts of time, that ran through the nation.
             Fads of the Roaring Twenties included Flagpole sitting, the dance marathon, and a Chinese game, Mah-jongg. Large pursuers of these crazy fads were women called Flappers. Flappers were against traditional ways of thinking and acting and did anything to be different. They wore their hair bobbed, and their dresses short. They wore makeup, smoked in public and drank in speakeasies. Although they were shocking in their behavior and style, they set new trends for women's hairstyles, makeup, and clothes.
             The Roaring Twenties was a decade for music in the U.S. A new type of music, Jazz, was created by Black musicians in New Orleans from ragtime and blues. The new music was quick to spread through the United States, then through the world. One of the heroes of Jazz was Louis Armstrong who aided in the creation of the new type of music. Armstrong grew up learning how to play the trumpet and made his star performance at a picnic because he was too young to play in clubs. Jazz was one of the most important cultural achievements of the U.S and was loved by all. Dance floors shook all over the country with various dances that accompanied the music. Many older, more traditional Americans believed this new music to be a bad influence on the young generation. Jazz continued to become popular despite their dislike f the new style and it is still popular today.
             The Roaring Twenties marked a new generation of American Literature and the recognition of African American writers.

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