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Inventions of the Roaring Twenties

             The 1920s in America was a time like no other in American history. This decade referred to as the "Roaring Twenties" was a prosperous, carefree, and exciting time for most Americans. The social climate and new attitude that Americans were experiencing brought about special needs. These needs inspired, among other things, many new inventions. These new inventions and the monetary means to acquire previously marketed "luxury" inventions, brought about a tremendous change in our way of life. America and it's people would never be the same.
             Americans were experiencing the ending of World War I , the recognition of women as voting citizens, a booming economy, higher wages, and better job opportunities (Cronon, "Roaring Twenties"). This happy, carefree lifestyle did not include the monotonous, tiresome, and time consuming chores of everyday life. They wanted things to be accomplished efficiently and quickly, leaving them more "playtime". As the old saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention." It certainly was an accurate statement to describe many of the inventions that came out of the 1920s. There was a great need for inventions to help people achieve the lifestyle they desired.
             There are basically three reasons people invent. One reason, mentioned earlier, is out of need. This is probably the reason most inventions come about. The second reason for invention is as a means to make money. The third reason for invention is that some people have the inner instinct, urge, or knowledge to create something that has never existed before (Sloan and Northam, "Invention").
             Another important part of the invention process is that the invention has to meet the needs of people.

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