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Pinto Racing bio

            In the beginning I Alan Pinnt started to notice imperfections in all Snowmobile chassis and one day I started away at my brothers old 91' Polaris 440 sport and notice we haven't gone to far in the industry. As I came across other designs I finally got the idea and I have been perfecting since 1999 the year I started to design snowmobiles.
             I started with a Arctic Cat 2001 cross-country ed. chassis. If you look at last couple pages you"ll notice what I had to work with wasn't the best for what I was doing but I had to manage. I first separated the bulkhead of tunnel (because tunnel was bent) and titled the tunnel pre-drilled wholes for the new Drive system. Then I took the tunnel and reshaped it so the drive system would work as well as to make sure the motor would fit. The chassis was free so it was no big deal to do this because I always could get another bent chassis for free. now I had to design the dimensions and make the Cross Arms by hand and had, which was really hard to do.
             April 26, 2003 I noticed that this whole concept of using this cross country chassis wouldn't work so I had to contact a friend who welds for a living, His name is Berine. I spent time developing more and more drawings and every time it got better and better, as this went on I made sure to look at all the older designs I have drawn so I don't leave anything useful behind. With the help of Berine I can build a Prototype chassis and patent it then take it to the manufactures and I can finally get the press I deserve! .

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