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Horses of the World

            This is a complete book about horses. It has pictures and descriptions about two hundred fourteen horses from all over the world. It includes wild horses, Arabian horses, Oriental horses, and Thoroughbreds.
             Horses populated the world long before man evolved into a human being. Since the beginning of history the numbers of horses have decreased enormously until today when one breed after another is fast disappearing.
             Different breeds of horses come from their own environments. Each environment has its own climate, soil, light, food, and water. Northern climates produce a horse with a thick coat. Hot climates have produced an animal with a thin skin and a fine coat. Damp climates have produced the slow, heavy, cold-blooded horse. In tropical climates there are small horses that have a lot of energy, and can endure hardship. .
             Some horses are called half-breeds. They are usually crosses between heavy horses or native ponies and thoroughbreds. Some have unknown ancestries. A county-bred horse is not a breed but a type common to a certain area. There are, indeed, many so-called breeds of horses and ponies which have occupied certain territories for several thousands of years.
             In Europe there are twenty-two countries and one hundred and twenty one different breeds or types of ponies and horses. These are some of the horse breeds in Europe: a Huzul, Panje, Nonius, Anglo-Norman, Breton, Camargue, Vendeen, Norfolk, Knabstrup, and Fjord.
             Asia has Hokaido, Manipur, Kathiarwari, przevalskii, and Equis horses. Africa has Arab, Merizig, Ghareb, Grey, and Barb horses. Australia has Brumby, and Waler horses. North America has Quarter, Saddle, Morgan, Pinto, and Shetland horses. South America has Criollo, Haiti, Crioulo, Campolino, and Morochuco horses.
             Horses are valuable animals used for work, recreation, racing, and breeding. They can range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

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