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Horses Of America

            The American Bashkir Curly horse is the first horse I will discuss.
             to 1898 when Peter Damele and his father were riding in the Peter Hanson mountain range.
             in Nevada. They found three horses with tight curly ringlets covering their entire body. .
             The Bashkir Curly gets it name from the ancient Russian breed, the Bashkir, from.
             which the Curly was believed to have descended from. But, the American Curly may have.
             been incorrectly named. Research done by Shan Thomas, Myth and Mystery: The Curly.
             Horse in America, indicates that the Russian breed often found with the curly coat is the.
             Lokai breed. .
             Different theories have been proposed to explain the presence of the Curly horse in.
             North America. Some have suggested that they came across the Bering Strait land bridge.
             during the last ice age, but no fossil evidence has been found to support that. Others.
             suggest that curly coated horses were imported while the Russians occupied parts of the.
             West Coast of North America. Another theory is that a man by the name of Tom Dixon.
             imported curly horses from northern India to Nevada around 1880. Although this theory.
             cannot be fully proved or disproved the Curly horse was already present in America by.
             that time. Evidence shows that Sioux Indians had Curly horses as early as 1801-02 and in.
             his 1848 autobiography circus master, P. T. Barnum, writes of obtaining and exhibiting a.
             curly horse. .
             In separate research, the CS Fund has done blood typing of 200 curly horse.
             in the Serology Lab at UC-Davis. Although one can not definitively identify a horse's.
             breed by it blood type characteristics there are characteristics common to an individual.
             breed. This testing was seen as a method to determine if the Bashkir Curly did in fact.
             display the blood characteristics of a distinct breed. The findings, however, were that the.
             modern curly horse is not a genetically distinct breed, but has been crossed with many.
             other breeds, particularly Quarter Horses and Morgans.

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