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Caste of characters

             The caste system of India is an original and ancient way of seperating the.
             upper class snobs from the less fortunate. The caste system seperates the.
             people of India into four classes. The first is the Brahmin, or priests. They are.
             supposed to be created from the head of some giant that was split up to help.
             create the world. The second in line, and most macho of the group, are the.
             Kshatriya, or warriors. They were the arms and torso of that poor giant. Next to.
             them, or second to last if you wanna be a dick about it, are the Vaishya who are.
             the merchants. They came from the thighs of that same giant. Finally, last and.
             certainly least, the Micronesians of ancient India, the Shudra a.k.a the Harijan. .
             The feet of that giant, hey were the people who had to clean up other people's.
             crap and had to take all the worthless shit jobs that no one else wanted. They.
             couldn't even practice religion and even their shadows were considered.
             unhealthy. .
             Now the Caste system supposedly has some cosmic, religous background.
             and beginning as you could see from the whole "Hey, let's cut the giant up and.
             make people" story, but was probably set up to seperate the darker people from.
             the lighter skinned people, and by people who had low self-esteem and wanted.
             to make themselves feel more important and better by putting others down. Now.
             I"m one of those people that questions authority all the time, unless that.
             authoritative figure tells us to go drink a beer, so of course I have my doubts.
             about the significance of the caste system in India. While I do believe that it is a.
             huge pillar and is a distinct characteristic of Indian culture and society, the.
             reasons I have personally of it's significance might differ from others opinions. .
             First of all it's distinctiveness comes from the fact that it's the only class.
             system in the world that is derived from some mythical giant that was part of the.
             whole creation process. More importantly however is it's the only class system.

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