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Community, Identity and Stability in Brave New World

            A paradox is "a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth" ("Paradox"). In the first line that occurs in Brave New World, the reader learns about the tri-partite pillars upon which the World State supposedly is built; "Community, Identity, Stability." The method by which these three qualities are achieved and maintained, however, seem completely paradoxical in Brave New World. Community is understood as a group of diverse people, whilst in the World State, people are manufactured essentially to be classified in one of the five caste systems. Identity is understood to be a highly individual, however, the caste system prevents anything by conformity and uniformity. It is through these that stability is achieved. Or is it? Although the World State is immensely controlled, it could be debated that it is anything but stable. In a society where the people have no individual rights and not being able to develop unique identities, there can be no stability at all. Despite all of the efforts to maintain complete social stability, the World State is still utterly chaotic, resulting in a paradox.
             Community is created through individual identity and socialization. In Brave New World, the caste system is what this society is based on. Whether someone is an Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta or Epsilon, it is all chosen for them since birth. With the whole society being run on the caste system, the whole pre-destined life is chosen for them, before they are decanted. For example, Epsilons are considered to be future sewage workers, due to them being the lowest caste, and Alphas are considered to be future directors of Hatcheries. Brave New World supposedly has no loneliness and solitude, due to the fact that everyone belongs to everyone else. Also, there are community gatherings that can be attended depending on the caste; An Orgy-Porgy, Feelie or Community-sing.

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