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Brave New World

             The depiction of love, science, and religion support the inability of founding Utopia in everyday life. Brave New World shows scorn for the human emotion of love. The people that make up his imaginary society have no conception of love or any other passion, and actually scorn the idea. The Utopian State cannot afford any kind of instability and therefore cannot afford love. The destruction of the family is one example of the effect of Utopia's absence of love. The term's mother and father are extremely insulting and are rarely used. In reality, the family unit is the center of society. A home is where people learn to form contact and relationships. Without a family, a person cannot learn these relationships which are useful in dealing with everyday life in society. In the brave new world, it is taught that "everyone belongs to everyone else." Excessive sex with many partners is considered normal and even expected. In actual society, love is a precious emotion. Our society cannot exist without passion because it is the foundation of all relationships. Unlike Utopia, sexual relationships cannot be depraved because they are the display of love. .
             The representation of Utopia in terms of technological evolution is a world that is enslaved by science. Everything in this world is owed to science. Not only are people born by scientific means, but they are also conditioned to think and live a certain way through science. Even before babies are born, they are treated to a special amount of oxygen, or a special temperature in order for them to be changed to fit into a certain social class. In Brave New World, science and technology are used not to help society, but to control society. From the time that the embryos are in each bottle to the time of death for each person, science is acting as a controller, ruling over every individual life. Although their world is based on science and technology, the leaders of Utopia know that science is dangerous.

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