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An Analysis of Humanity in Brave New World

            An Analysis of Humanity in Brave New World .
             " This is the motto by which all citizens of the World State must live. Through the characters, Huxley illustrates that the lives of these people are, in fact, the opposite of what the motto implies. The communities in Brave New World consist of a caste system that is assigned by a predestinator and a choice that limits them to sex and drugs. The second part of the motto, identity, is equally grim because there is no individuality expressed by the citizens of the world state. Conditioning forces everyone to be alike, which results in the lack of ability to possess unique characteristics. Furthermore, stability in the World State refers to economic stability, as opposed to social stability. This goal is achieved by the uniform activity of everyone within a caste in order to better the "society". Lastly, the world state conditions children from birth to despise the idea of morals, values, and emotions. The notion of "family" and all emotions that the word implies are considered vile. Brave New World portrays a society in which citizens are grown in an environment that compels them to sacrifice certain privileges that one may think are the essence of what makes someone human. In the World State, they worship Ford - mass production, stability, efficiency - and Huxley shows us that those whose highest aspirations are efficiency and stability must ultimately surrender their very humanity. .
             In Brave New World, the word, "community" does not represent the same significance as it may to someone living in the modern day and age. Instead, the community in AF632 refers to the caste system that separates people with similar characteristics and destinations from the larger society. There is no possibility for free will within the caste system. The one thing that makes communities in the World State is the right to share everyone sexually. "Everyone belongs to everyone else," (127) is a hypnopaedic phrase that teaches the young citizens of the World State that it is perfectly fine to have sex with everyone and anyone.

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