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Hard Times

             Throughout any endeavor there seems to always be those times where things seem to flow smoothly and other times where the road gets a little bumpy. It is safe to say that most of the time the road is rough. In other words, everyone has to deal with adversity. What makes these times easier is having others to either bear the load with you or give you advice to lead you through your struggles. In almost all cases, the endeavor that causes the most pain and strife is that of life. Going about your business day to day trying to get a head and better yourself as a person is the hardest thing anyone can deal with. Also, due to the fact that there are roller coasters and mountains we must climb throughout life doesn't make it any easier. What can make it easier is the help of others. That is the case in Barbara Kingsolver's novel, The Bean Trees, where all of the characters do their best to help each other get through hard times. .
             While on her journey across country, Taylor has to make an unfortunate pit stop in Arizona because she has two tires that need to be replaced. This is where she meets one of the most helpful and influential people in Mattie. Since Mattie sold tires she could help Taylor. However, she helped in more ways than one. Taylor couldn't afford the tires so Mattie gave them to her just to help. "Why, honey, don't feel bad. I wasn't trying to make a sale. I just thought you two needed some cheering up 44." Eventually Taylor started working at Mattie's tire shop. Thanks to Mattie, not only was Taylor able to fix her car, but she found a job and a friend as well. .
             After being Turtle's mother now for about a year, Taylor now wanted to make it official. To do this she needed Esperanza's and Estevan's help. Taylor needed them to pretend that Turtle was their daughter and that she was giving her up to Taylor in which Taylor would have sole custody. As Esperanza sobs she says, "We love her.

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