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             Sadness , death and desecration are some of the examples of the numerous ordeals faced by American author Kate Chopin. Kate Chopin faced tremendous amount hurdles that for many would be impossible to jump. But, no matter what was thrown at Chopin she fought through it. An obvious parallel is clearly seen between Chopin's life and literary works. Many of Kate Chopin's works deal with women in the 19th century whom , much like Chopin did not hold the rudimentary attitudes that was to be beholden to women. . Kate Chopin's writing was also extremely controversial, and seen as to edgy by many critics, Throughout the majority of Chopin's works the characters faced a vast amount of barriers , but somehow she made it through. .
             Chopin was born in St. Louis Missouri , in 1851 to Eliza Faris O"Flaherty and Thomas O" Flaherty. Kate had lost her a large amount of her family members : her brothers , sisters , grandparents and mother. Chopin was only a child when her father died. He had been a founder of the Pacific Railroad , and he was aboard Fault. (Hicks) With the absence of her father , Kate Chopin and her mother were forced to tackle the stationary roles of men. Later ,Chopin married a man whom she really had no passionate affection for. Soon after the marriage her husband passed and once again Chopin was faced to take on non traditional roles .Many people in society would have viewed Chopin's life as demeaning to women , being that in her time .
             it was seen that a man "made" a woman , and without a man , a woman could simply could not live. (Jones) .
             Kate Chopin described the Louisiana community in which she lived as "a rambling little French village of one street, with the Catholic church at one end, and our plantation at the other, and Red River flowing through everybody's back-yard." It was of the Creoles in such communities that she wrote. Often her stories turned upon acts of rebellion.


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