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Scott Barltett

             Scott Bartlett's film contrasted a relationship between a man and a woman. In my opinion, the film we watched was an experimentle film in every sense of the word. His tampering with film and video is what produced techniques that since have been copied countless times by other filmmakers; especially in the music industry. The dynamic use of the two mediums resulted in phenomenal psychedelic imagery. .
             The opening scene that focuses on a close-up of an eye has such a great sense of depth. First there is the initial layer with the eye on it, but behind a menagerie of colors and pattern swirls hypnoticly. With the eye open wide, you can feel how extremely excited the mood is.
             The rythmatic use of positive and negative colors reverberating created for me a mood and a sense of anxiety. The mood was further enforced by pairing the footage with sounds that changed organically along with the imagery. At one point this feeling of uneasiness was especially evident when a close-up on woman's face flashed in black and white. At first a more black positive image was flashing than the white reversed image, so that when the white negative image did flash it was very harsh on the eyes. Which it was very intentionally dizzying I believe. With time more white began to take over, and the black positive image would flicker less.loosening the grip tenseness had. .
             At other times I felt the mood was quite euphoric: an intense pink was contrasted against an electric blue as a united silloquet of a man and woman in movement was displayed. "The two characters are set in a flux of manipulated technology run wild: the balance of forces that keeps man and woman alive in the web of the great industrial culture." (Canyon Cinema: www.cayoncinema.com). I felt that united silloquets was able to show the bond between the two beings as they moved in sync with one another. .
             There is this one point where you can see he is shooting a television screen with the video camera that I think is simultaneously being input into the television and displayed on screen.

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