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Fats Food: Living in a super-sized society

             The accessibility, the comfort, the unbeatable price. There is no denying that our bodies crave the harmful. No doubt that living in a society where fine dining consists of a whopper and fries, healthy eating is usually considered "specialty foods" in North American culture. Corndogs, double cheeseburgers, buttered popcorn, fried steaks-we all know the rewards of these tasty treats. But what are the hazards? .
             The experience of buying fast food has become all too familiar. The pick-up windows, the paper bags with the grease soaked bottoms, even the little ketchup pockets and plastic forks seem as routine as showering or sleeping. It is the ultimate indulgence; the guilty pleasure where both adults and children share a special bond. But behind the dripping burgers and salty fries, stomachs are bulging, and after the meals are finished, more and more people are wallowing in decadence and shame.
             Many people buy fast food without any thought to it, sometimes having their entire .
             daily food consumption based entirely on junk food. Some claim it to be "comforting", but how comforting can it possibly be if you have no clue what any of the products are made from, what lurks between those sesame seed buns? And what's more is the fact that we are far wealthier than most countries and yet we choose to pay $4.99 for a "super combo" instead of opting for a decent meal. .
             Let's turn the spotlight on the globally renowned claptrap canteen, McDonald's. Millions of people treat themselves to McDonald's world-famous French fries, which are about as healthy as they are French. After decades of using 93% beef tallow, McDonald's has switched to vegetable oil and a chemical cocktail that mysteriously gives the fries a "natural flavour". Perhaps even more odd than what is really in the beef is why everything is labelled "naturally" or "artificially" flavoured on packages without a solid explanation to what makes a product real or fake.

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