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A Streetcar Named Desire

             Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire-.
             Tennesse Williams is known as one of the greatest American playwrights. Although his life was full of self - destructiveness, personal dramas and emotions he continued to write earning himself a place not only in American but the world literature as well.
             Among his most notable and successful plays were "The Glass Menagerie-, which he refers to as "memory play-, "A Streetcar Named Desire-, "The Rose Tatoo- and "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof- for which he was appreciated winning the Pulitzer Prize. .
             One of the greatest influences on Williams' works had a brilliant Russian writer Anton Chekhov. Also novelist D.H. Lawrence and poet Hart Crane are known as the individuals who inspired the playwright.
             Mississippi born Williams, who later changed his name to Tennessee, belongs to the tradition of great Southern writers who have refreshed the literary language with Southern English.
             "Streetcar Named Desire- which was firstly entitled "The Poker Night- emerged right after the theatrical success of "The Glass Menagerie- when the authour learned to play poker game. At first he wanted the central action to concentrate on poker playing working - class men but as his work developed, Williams started to draw more attention to female characters, especially Blanche.
             Blanche DuBois and her sister Stella Kowalski are the main female characters. Even though they come from the same aristocratic background their views on life and happiness are totally different. Blanche spent her whole life in her home town Laurel which Stella left as soon as she could in desire to start an independent life. The moment Blanche appears in the play, getting off the "streetcar named desire- in New Orleans, she is already a fallen woman, who is haunted by her traumatic past. She loses Belle Reve, the family estate and fortune, together with her family. Blanche also faces the loss of her young husband who commits suicide after his homosexuality is discovered.

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