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Streetcar Named Desire

             Viewing of A Streetcar Named Desire.
             Although the basic story line is the same in both the book and the live play of A streetcar Named Desire, some things were different. Sometimes things were omitted from the book that were in the live play. Sometimes the dialogue or actions were just altogether different in the play than in the book. Even though a lot of detail is given when reading the play. It is nothing compared to seeing the live performance. When reading a play, sometimes it is difficult to read into the emotions of the scene. Body language and tone of voice can change the way that certain dialog is interpreted. Once the live performance is viewed, it helps to give a better understanding of the story line.
             There are some differences in scene one from the book and scene one of the play we watched. An example of one of the differences between the book and the play is as the story starts out in the book, Stanley and Mitch come walking around the corner and stop at the foot of the stairs. At this point, Stanley hollers up to Stella who comes out on the landing. After tossing a package of meat to Stella, Stanley and Mitch head back off around the corner. Stella calls after him "Stanley! Where are you going" (14)? Stanley replies "bowling" (14). Stella asks if she can come and watch and he tells her to come on, Stella replies "Be over soon" (14). She then says hello to the woman talking on the steps and then heads out to the bowling alley. The opening scene of the live play was slightly different. When Stanley and Mitch come around the corner, they actually go into the apartment and Stanley changes from his work shirt into his bowling shirt. He then talks to Stella in the kitchen and tells her he is going bowling. At this point, Stella asks if she can come watch, and Stanley tells her to come on. Stella then stays in the kitchen and straightens up a little bit. She then goes out the door and has a short conversation with the woman sitting on the steps before leaving to go to the bowling alley.

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