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Comparison and Contrast Between Black and White People

            September 11, 2001 was a tragedy to everyone. Black people lost some people in their family and white people lost some people in their family. Blacks and Whites have had animosity for several years until September 11, 2001 happened. Everyone was shocked to see so many black and white people come together for the first time in history. The reason everyone was shocked to see this happen is because black people and White people are very different. The main reasons they are different are because of their backgrounds. Black people had been enslaved for a great amount of years and white people owned them for the same amount of years. White people use to treat them with no respect and didn`t care about it. .
             Blacks and Whites are different in so many ways. Low class black people stay in the projects and low class white people stay in trailer parks. You will probably find more black people in the South of America and find white people in the North of America. The majority of the black people are Democrats and the majority of the white people are Republicans. We have never had a black president but we have had a black secretary of the State. Most white people drink beer at parties and black people drink liquor at parties. Black people listen to hip hop and rap music. White people listen to rock and country music. White people are wear clothes from Banana Republic and Liz Claiborne . Black people wear clothes from Phat Farm and Fubu. White people have good hair and black people have rough hair. Most white people have different color eyes and most black people have brown eyes. Most black people look at BET and most white people look at MTV. Black people will whoop their kids but most white people willput their kids in time-out. .
             Black people and White people are similar in some ways but they don`t have a lot in common. They both have good attitudes and they know how to have fun. They both have fraternities and sororities.

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