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"Compare and contrast three different texts

            In the three books that I read, "Almost French" by, "The Ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Anderson, and "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, I noticed two main themes that was portrayed in each. One was the idea of not fitting in, whether that be due to a change in lifestyle or society, or not doing something in the etiquette manner. Another being conflict in general. Whether that be doing something wrong to offend another, or whether it be a racial gesture or racial discrimination.
             The types of ideas portrayed in the books did link significantly, yet at the same time, they did contrast dramatically. For example, shall we say they type of conflict in each book. In Almost French we noticed a reasonably young Australian girl, looking to endeavour a change of lifestyle in a French society. She lives with a man who she eventually falls in love with, and he pretty much ends up being her saviour from causing a major conflict at simple times. She struggles in order to do things in the correct manor, and what may seem acceptable in a casual Australian lifestyle, is strictly forbidden in a French Culture. During these ordeals, we notice that at many times she is outcast to the shadows and sometimes barely even noticed. I believe to some extent that this may be due to some racial discrimination, in which nothing she does can be accepted, or can be right. Also I believe that die to the French upper society, if she does something wrong she is not helped, and instead ignored and constantly backstabbed. Sometimes even fading into the background.
             We notice in the book "The Ugly Duckling" that the ugly duckling is ignored and backstabbed, ending up to fade into the background. The book, which involves a young cygnet being misplaced into the wrong nest, spends a childhood with arrogant fellow ducklings that taunt him day and night. Like in "Almost French" we notice that only one person really does stick up for the ugly duckling.

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