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Compare and Contrast - Hinduism and Buddhism

            In this paper, I am going to try and show how the Buddhist philosophy and the Hindu religion compare and contrast with one another. I will talk be talking about Karma, Worship Practices and, Dogma. By doing a compare and contrast of these three subjects with these two belief systems, we will see how they are similar and at the same time notice the differences.
             Hindu and Buddhist on Karma.
             Karma is an ancient Sanskrit word that means "action." It means that our actions have an active force that can and will influence the outcome of future events for other people or us. Furthermore our Karma (actions) has a say on our reincarnations. The Hindu faith spans the globe and the people that practice this faith have many different rituals, they use many different images and names for the deities they pay homage too and have many different texts to read from. One Hindu belief is that when people die they are reborn into another life after this one. As stated in the introduction the idea of karma, that actions in this life determine the quality of the next life. In the beginning when people start a new life the karma from the past life has accumulated based on their actions. After they have died they enter a process called samsara, and then will be reborn into a different life. This could be as a human or any other life form. This depends on their quality of this life from the previous life according to Hindu belief. Liberation is the ultimate goal of Hindus to achieve this one must escape the samara in a process known as moksha.
             Buddhism believes and teaches of karma as a cosmic force that exists in all things and goes hand in hand with any and all kind of action. Good karma is the result of any positive actions such as helping others and being selfless while acting hateful or being selfish results in negative or bad karma. For Buddhist karma causes both positive and negative events to take place in a person's life.

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