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Huckleberry Finn essay

            The adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a famous novel which tells a story about two people who face life's challenges and overcome them. Set in the pre civil war south along the Mississippi river, Twain chronicles the exploits of a young white boy and a runaway slave. Together, they run away, but each is in search of a different kind of freedom. The young Huckleberry Finn has had a traumatic childhood and is seeking independence from his father and the other authority figures in his life. The much older Jim is originally a slave in the home of Miss Watson and Widow Douglas. These ladies are Huck's guardians and they attempt to educate him. As Huck and Jim travel together down the river their experiences teach them much about freedom, the essential qualities of a true friendship, and how to appreciate another person's differences.
             Having an understanding of the many essentials to a true friendship can help people develop a strong and lasting bond. At first Huck and Jim are familiar with each other because they both live at the same residence. When Huck discovers Jim sleeping on Jackson's Island this is the beginning of events which will determine the depth of their relationship. Jim is in a dire predicament but when he explains to Huck why he ran away, the truth he shares and the trust he places in Huck are two of the vital elements that enable them to build a friendship.
             In their journey they learn how to appreciate each other's differences, even though they come from different races and beliefs. Jim being raised as a slave has not had schooling and knows things only from experience. On the other hand, Huck has had schooling and is able to read and has more knowledge as a result. Together on their adventures they cruise the rivers which they both have a love for. Huck and Jim both also love food. .

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