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Explain the claim that "the order and purpose in the world a

            Order and purpose clearly exist in our world, you can see this in the way that everything has an order for example in the water cycle the rivers run down to the sea and then the water from the sea evaporates into clouds this always happens in order as one has to happen to make the others in the cycle happen. Everything also has a purpose, for example plants and grass are there for animals and humans to eat, their purpose is to be first on the food chain. However the debate is that, is the reason that we have order and purpose in the world because of god, is this proof of gods existence? Or is god not the answer?.
             There are many writers who firmly believe in the statement above, the first is Thomas aqueous who was the founder of the cosmological argument. His theory states that there are 5 ways to prove gods existence. Firstly, that change and these are caused by other changes, this starts a cycle, he states that there must be a first cause or change; he says that this is god. Secondly he said that everything happens for a reason and he says that this reason is god. His third posterior is ontological, he says that things and people exist but it is not necessary for them to exist, he says that there must have been a time and place where nothing existed he also stated that nothing can create itself so god must have created it. His fourth posterior is that there is a lot of goodness in the world but there are degrees of goodness he says that this comes from god, and he says the closer you are to god, the closer you are to goodness. Aquinas's last posterior is that there is an apparent design and purpose in nature and he said that it will have needed something to start it off and he said that this was god. Aquinas looked at the world around him and saw god, this would be evidence towards the above statement.
             Another writer who would support that statement is William palely. Palely saw order and purpose in the world and this convinced him that the world must have a creator.

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