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            When thinking of having sex, TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK should appear shortly there after. Now a days, more comes to mind then just intercourse. Over the last few years STD's and AIDS have been a very popular subject, especially among today's generation. These diseases, in some cases deadly, can not be easily avoided in discussion, however, there are numerous ways to prevent contracting STD's and AIDS.- Abstinence, safe sex, and being monogamous.
             The only way to make sure that you can be disease-free is not to be sexual active. Abstinence is the only 100% positive way of not contracting a sexually transmitted disease or the AIDS virus. By looking at a person, you sometimes cannot tell whether or not one has been infected. If that was the case, less people would stop becoming infected. There is no rush to become sexually active! Remember, We, as individuals, make choices for ourselves! We can only let others influence. .
             With many new devices and technology to protect yourself during intercourse, there is no reason why people shouldn't practice safe sex. Excuses such as, "It doesn't feel the same" or "If you loved me, you wouldn't make me wear it" shouldn't have an influence when a risk could be taken on your health or even life. Most condoms are 99% effective against STDS and are now even made for women and oral sex. Its like those commercials, A box of condoms, $3.99, your life, PRICELESS. .
             When deciding to become sexual active, becoming intimate with one spouse will make things less difficult if a negative situation were to arise. Being monogamous can only work with communication. Your partner has to feel the same way with only having intercourse with one person. It is not safe to be with more that one person at one time, If u decide to be with just one person, practicing safe sex should come along with it. .
             Becoming contracted with AIDS is the last place most humans want to be. In some cases, carelessness and not being aware has influence on infection and sometimes others have no control.

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