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Abbey road

            In present-day society, everywhere we look we are surrounded by images. Posters, magazine covers, cereal boxes, CD covers, and billboards bombard us on a daily basis. The messages conveyed in many pictures can often have a greater impact then any amount of word can, according to Mitchell Stephens. "Certain pictures can put most sentences to shame", (Mitchell Stephens, The Presence of Others, "By Means of Visible: A Picture's Worth", page 486). Every image communicates a different message depending on the eye of the beholder. Whether one is looking at Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling or a family portrait of the Simpson's, something is taken away from the image. Artists speak to their audiences through their paintings as musicians speak through their music and often through their CD covers. Consumers are initially drawn to the cover of a CD. If this wasn't true then track listings would be placed on the front rather then the back. Artists like the Beatles try to entice or grab there audiences attention by there covers.
             The cover of Abbey Road is a photograph of John Lennon, Ringo Star, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison walking across the cross walk in that order on Abbey road. They way that they are walking it looks as if they perfectly timed their steps with one another. John Lennon is wearing a white suit, Ringo Star is wearing a black suit and Paul McCartney is wearing a navy suit. McCartney is smoking a cigarette and wearing no shoes and Harrison is wearing jeans. The sun is shining brightly and the sky is bright blue. In the background there are cars parked, a street light, tress and buildings in the distance. On the left hand side of the street there is a white Volkswagen Beatle parked on the curb. The license plate reads "28 if". .
             The photograph of the Beatles is a simple one; there are no symbols or drawings. However, it was interpreted differently among people for many reasons.

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