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The Beatles

             The legendary band known as the Beatles got their start in 1957 as.
             a skiffle band in Liverpool, England, playing in cellars and dive bars.
             Popular locally, they were discovered by record store owner Brian Epstein.
             (Celsi, 8) When the band became popular in the eyes of the world, the fab.
             four members included John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and.
             Ringo Starr.
             As the Beatles became more popular, they also became more.
             influential. Their style as well as their music effected both their era.
             and generation. The famous mop top haircuts caught on quickly and took.
             over the clean crew cuts that had been in style. Along with the hair.
             styles what they wore caught on too. The suit outfits that coordinated.
             with one another and polished shoes were soon to be seen as a trend.
             Within the Beatles career though many conspiracies arouse. The most.
             remembered of all of them was the conspiracy on Paul McCartney's death.
             In 1969 Russell Gibb, a Detroit radio Disc Jockey, announced that.
             Paul McCartney, a member of the Beatles, had died. He claimed he had.
             received a phone call about it and evidence could be found within their.
             albums. Both other radio stations and the media picked up on the rumor,.
             and it spread quickly. As the word spread, the story also got changed.
             Two different stories are best known for Paul's death. The first one as.
             stated from a webpage dedicated to the conspiracy goes like this:.
             The story that Paul McCartney was involved in a car accident.
             Apparently, he hadn't noticed that the lights had changed. The accident.
             occurred at 5 a.m. on a Wednesday morning. Paul had died from head wounds.
             The crash was so severe that his teeth were knocked out, rendering dental.
             records useless. This explains why the public did not immediately know.
             that Paul had died. It was kept a secret for almost four years, permitting.
             the Beatles to hide his death. In England a Paul McCartney look alike.

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