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The Leagacy of the Beatles

            With many hits skyrocketing through the billboard charts, The Beatles had over twenty-six singles and seven number one albums in the top forty. From the name "The Quarry Men- to "Johnny and the Moondogs- they finally simplified it with the name the world would remember throughout the twentieth century. Not only were they one of the greatest rock-n-roll bands, but they also made phenomenal television appearances. From John Lennon's "granny glasses- and shaggy hair to the group turning in their "scruffy outfits- for frilly tops they set many trends worldwide. "To the fractured sixties, the Beatles are what the painter Toulouse-Lautrec was to Paris in the nineties, what freewheeling novelist Scott Fitzgerald was to America in the twenties- (Coffin 1). Fans went crazy for their music because the "group's harmonies were intricate and exhilarating- ("Beatles- 1). The career of The Beatles reflected the attitude of a changing nation.
             When the name The Beatles is heard, John, Paul, George, and Ringo, nicknamed the "Fab Four,"" are thought of, but The Beatles derived from several different groups starting in 1957 (Langley 12). John, Paul, and George began in a group called The Quarry Men. The Quarry Men were famous for the music known as skiffle. Skiffle is a type of music played with wash boards and double bases and even though Elvis Presley was the king of rock-n-roll, John, Paul, and George were the kings of skiffle. After John had founded The Quarry Men he asked his soul mate Stuart Sutcliffe to join. They performed many gigs throughout Scotland and upon returning, decided they needed a drummer. Later that year after recruiting a drummer, Pete Best, they were offered work in Germany. The Quarry Men became Long John Silver and the SilverBeatles. Later it was then simplified to The Beatles. It was not long before Stuart found other interests in Germany, like women and Pete was cut from the group by the head of the record label.

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