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             If there is one band in history that left a permanent musical scar on the world, The Beatles would be that band. They forever changed music as we know it, adding more depth and emotion than had ever been seen in the music of that time. They were musically respected, critically acclaimed, world reknowned musicians that came on to the scene and left their mark on the world. As a British rock and roll group, The Beatles defined the voice of the youth in the 1960s by redefining rock music and starting what was to become a revolution.
             The history of the Beatles is rich and complex, and although most of what happened in the band is known now, the whole story will probably never be truly uncovered. In 1957, Paul McCartney attended a church fair in Liverpool, England. Here he saw a band called The Quarrymen play, and gained an immediate friend in the lead singer, a half drunk kid named John Lennon (Hochman 3). The two shared musical interests and decided that they should play music together sometime. Paul was soon part of The Quarrymen, but after the group broke up, John and Paul made a new group consisting of themselves and drummer Pete Best. Eventually, Paul's friend George Harrison joined the band on guitar. They called themselves "The Silver Beetles" but eventually changed their name to just "The Beatles". Weeks later The Beatles peformed their first show in Hamburg, Germany. Two months later, Brian Epstien, a record store owner, saw potential in the group and became their manager (Prichard 52). By this time, The Beatles had recorded two albums and were becoming very popular as the house band at a pub in Hamburg. Soon after they were discovered by Decca Records and recorded their first nationally distributed album. Sadly, the bass player that was with The Beatles at this time died of a brain hemmorage and Paul took over on bass. Three months pass and Decca records decides to drop The Beatles from the label.

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