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The Beatles

            Pop Rock has been around for decades with different cultural bands across the world.
             Back in the 1960's a British Pop Rock group from Liverpool hit top charts and number one hit singles with their albums. This band was named The Beatles. They visited many countries and cities on tour all over the world. They put a big impact on Pop Rock music and it has influenced more people to listen to them. No one ever thought that a British Pop Rock group would ever make it as far as the Beatles did.
             John Lennon, George Harrison, Richard Starkey, and Paul McCartney were the four members of the Beatles (DeWitt 1). Before they really were the Beatles a man named Pete Best was a part of the group. Whenever they needed to meet for meetings and clubs Pete was always busy, so they met a man named Richard. Richard started to fill in for Pete while he was busy and couldn't make it. The Beatles were all supposed to meet in Germany but Pete couldn't come so they used Richard. They enjoyed playing with him so much that they wanted Richard to be part of the group so they wouldn't have to worry about Pete (Herring 57). The Beatles before they became number one were not called the Beatles. First they formed a name and called themselves "Johnny and the Moondogs", then "The Silver Beatles" and then finally broke it down to being .
             Plasek 2.
             just the Beatles (Holdhsip 4). As they got more involved in the music business there were a lot of people who helped to encourage and make them into the best Pop Rock group ever. Bob .
             Wooler was a nice man who promoted the Beatles Music. He also introduced them to the Cavern Club they played in almost every night. He also helped by getting Horst Fisher, which was a retired German boxer. Horst sat at the Cavern Club while the Beatles would play acting like he was their bodyguard (DeWitt 4-5).

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