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Langston Hughes Poetry review

            This is a paper over King James I of England that I wrote for my honors english class. I received an A on the the assignment. .
             King James I On June 19, 1566 in Theobalds, Hertfordshire, England, Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to her only child, a boy whom she named James. James' father was Henry Stewart, also known as Lord Darnley. Darnley was killed in an unexplained explosion at his house when James was eight months old. Only seven months later, Mary Queen of Scots had to give up her throne because she was defeated by rebels. Mary left the country and James never saw her again. James took the throne of Scotland when he was only 15 months old and became King James VI of Scotland ("James I" 481). James got most of his culture and education before he was 14 years old. During his early life, the boy king spent most of his time with Scottish lords and his tutors, especially George Buchanan, his favorite tutor ("James I, King of England" 1). He received a superior education and was known for his great knowledge. He always had a great respect for the Scottish lords that were around him as he grew up ("James I" 481). James enjoyed writing. He wrote and published many poems and translated many long French works. Later in life he also wrote many books on topics such as kingship, theology, withcraft, and tobacco. He also ordered the translation of acient Greek and Hebrew versions of the Bible into English in the Authorized King James Version of the Bible ("James I, King of England" 1). 2 He also enjoyed riding horses and hunting. This may be due to the fact that he was very frail and sometimes needed help walking. When he was on a horse, he was able to function normally. Despite his physical hinderances, King James was regarded as being very confident in his decisions. At the age of 15, James ordered the execution of a man suspected to have been involved with the death of Henry Stewart, James' father ("James I" 481).

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