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Dorethea lange

            Dorothea Lange is one of the few female photographers who is widely recognized for her dramatic work. Lange was an acomplished photographer of great mastery and influence. Her interest and empathy for people is readily apparent in her works. Which is conveyed in her talent, where its often associeted with a documented change and human cost; the Migrant Mother. Dorothea Lange was born in Hoboken, New Jersey; of German Descent. As a young child Lange was struck with polio, which scarred her and left her with a life long limp. She believed that it heightened her sensitivity for those who were also suffering. In Lange's childhood her father disappeared. After the incendence her grandmother rescued her and her family by taking them in, although the woman was a seamstress and demanding alcoholic. Lange attended many public and private schools in New York, she even attended the city's Lower East side and training school for teachers. At age 18, Lange announced her intention to become a photgrapher to her family. She worked part-time in a series of protrait studios. In 1914 she visited the Fifth Avenue Protrait Studio of Arnold Genthe, who gave her her first camera. In 1918 Lange moved to San Francisco and was employed as a photofinisher. Shortly after Lange Had her own studio, 1919, where she worked as a freelance photographer and portrait photographer usually for San Francisco's upper class. .
             Two years later she married the artist illustrator Maynard Dixon, who was twenty years older than her. Lange then later gave birth to their first child Daniel. Lange seemed facinated with the relationship between her husband and her newborn. For she picked up her camera and decided to capture the relationship between the two.
             Maynard is carrying his newborn son bare; how the child came to this world. Lange compasiontlly captures the innocence of the child. Giving the message that there is nothing to hide between the two.

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