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U.S. National Culture

             American national culture is characterized by a multitude of commonalities all across the States. There are always people or groups that do not share these common features, but at a high level of abstraction, many similar patterns are apparent. Most Americans try to not fit into a mold and try to find something that will make them unique. The idea of individualism is a trait of U.S. American national culture. Being competitive is another feature that describes U.S. American national culture. Just about everything in our society today is based on the idea that people are going to be competitive, especially men. Anything from getting into college, to sales at stores, to gas prices, the job market, and even most leisure activities such as sports or computer games. The idea of being technologically advanced is another U.S. American trait. Compared to a lot of other countries, Americans use a lot of technological gadgets in everyday life. Another part of U.S. American national culture is the idea of commercialism. Certain logos are seen as being American such as McDonald's, Oscar Myer hot dogs, and Ford pick-ups. These are a few traits that people from other countries would most likely refer to as being American. However, there are many subcultures in America that have different cultures that may not include all the traits of the national culture. .
             At a lower level of abstraction, it is evident that not all groups fit into the U.S. American national culture. Some Americans join groups that specifically avoid individualism. These can be certain religious organizations, cults, or other community groups. These groups have more of a communal feel. An example would be some organic farms. The people who work and live at the farm feel they are equal and a big part of their life is based around the same activities. Some groups do not fit in with the national culture of being technologically advanced.

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