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Puerto rican society

            There are truths and fallacies that a person could read in many forms of literature. It could be prejudices, incorrect information or even slanted views. Hence, once an article is read it is very easy to see what views it represents. From there the reader can make their own opinion about the article. There is an article called "Representation by Other Means : Mexican American and Puerto Rican Social Movement Organizations", that as it is read its views are seen automatically. This article pointed out facts on Puerto Rico as a commonwealth, the Puerto Rican people in the United States and the different things that make Puerto Ricans similar to other ethnic groups. The articles" views about the Puerto Rican people show similarities to what was learned in class and in the readings.
             Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, "they belong to, but are not a part of the United States"(Christopulos, Core 9P Reading Packet, page 15). Puerto Rico became a commonwealth in 1952, but since 1917 as stated in the article the U.S. Congress made Puerto Ricans U.S. citizens (Marquez, Representation by Other Means: ., 2000). In comparison to the readings, this ruling by the Congress was made by the Jones Act. The Jones Act declared Puerto Ricans citizens of the United States, but Puerto Rico remained a U.S. colony. In 1952, when the commonwealth status was determined Puerto Rico gained more rights. The rights were : no travel restrictions between the island and the mainland, protection by the U.S., no federal taxes and no vote in presidential elections (Christopulos, unknown, Core 9P Reading Packet, pages 16, 97). This act was also important for the migration of Puerto Ricans into the United States or the mainland, as some people call it. The U.S. had the factories and farms that needed workers. Cheap labor was the reason a lot of Puerto Ricans found jobs. The companies could pay less and still make a good profit.

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