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Hate Crimes: The Insufficiently Recognized Problem

            Throughout this country's history, hate crimes have taken place, either by known groups who hate or, most commonly, individuals inspired by hate. Family members of hate crime perpetrators do not understand and realize its existence or what it does. The crimes committed were at first considered righteous, considering any races other than Anglo-Saxon inferior; justifying these acts of violence in the name of progress and the nation accepted this until recent years. Although the widespread practice of persecuting the "inferior" races is not common, today there are still crimes committed in the name of hate, revenge, and lust. These crimes go against the very thing so many lost their lives fighting for: natural born rights. Hate crimes are serious and well-documented problems but remain inadequately recognized.
             Hate crimes are classified as ethnic intimidation and are defined as any crime against a person including arson, criminal mischief and other property destruction, criminal trespass or harassment by communication or address that is committed with malicious intention toward the race, color, religion, or national origin of another. Hate crimes send a message that certain groups of people are not welcome and unsafe in a particular community. Existing state laws to combat gender-based hate crimes are ineffective. The people of today are confusing crimes committed with no real bias against someone with the crimes that are resulting in fewer and sometimes no closure at all for the true victims. Hate groups that promote and influence the future "Hitler's" run unchained. The freedom of speech is crippling the government's actions to fight hate crimes, permitting racial slurs in entertainment and allowing the minds of youth to fall victim into believing in a "superior race". The world's structure itself hangs in the balance if these minor actions go unnoticed, we will not be able to reverse the unpredictable outcome.

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