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The Internal Combustion Engine in the Victorian Era

            The Internal Combustion Engine in the Victorian Era.
             The internal combustion was the invention that revolutionized the Victorian era forever. This was because people were able to travel places they weren't able to travel before. Traveling to isolated areas, starting new colonies, and being isolated from the world was now easier because of the engines that were installed into the first cars of the area.
             It all started in the year 1860 marking a turning point when Etienne Lenoir (1822-1900) built his remarkable gas engine. His engine introduced one of those key innovations, which defined subsequent designs, for a long time. (Lenoir's 1-Cylinder engine was a horizontal arrangement and his 'car' was termed the "Hippomobile" because it generated its fuel - hydrogen - via the electrolysis of water. This engine was later adopted to use various other gases, such as the one derived from coal etc. This coal-gas burning engine variety is the one, which ultimately found commercial acceptance - auth.).
             Lenoir's "Hippomobile". It was a 1-Cylinder, horizontal arrangement, powered by hydrogen, generated via the electrolysis of water. Like a couple of inventors before him, Lenoir seems to be inspired by the fact that the machine had "natural cycles", during one of which, two of the basic engine functions can be combined; Uptake of the fresh fuel-mixture; and Exhaust of the combustion vapors. Beau Rochas finds the same cycle in 1862, which bears his name today. Then later came upon his discovery while trying to improve the energy conversion of the engines and substitutes a liquid fuel mixture instead of coal gas. Shortly after he conceptualized the four-stroke engine. It is notable that Rivaz had also introduced a "clean cycle" into his engine's operation, half a century earlier. In 1862 the vehicle powered by Lenoir's engine completes the 18 kilometers between Paris and Joinville just less than 3 hours.

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