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Alternatives to Gasoline for Internal Combustion Engines

            0 Reasons for Implementing Linear Motors.
             The five major problems that afflict vehicles today are:.
             Tightening of Environmental Regulations.
             Ever-rising fuel costs.
             Low efficiency.
             Fossil fuel consumption.
             Implementing linear motors as the primary drive system in automobiles will be an innovative solution to the problems that plague the car industry. Most of these problems stem from the use of the internal combustion engine. The incorporation of fuel cells as the power source will correct many of the dilemmas by providing clean, replenishable energy. In February 2003 General Motors Corp. sold 333,572 new cars and trucks in the United States [ghy]. At that rate General Motors (GM) will sell just over 4 million new vehicles annually for 2003. Each of these cars will thrust emissions into the atmosphere, further harming the environment. With the average car achieving 24 miles per gallon in 2000 and a gas price of $1.57 per gallon fuel costs add up [abc]. General Motors, a world leader in automobile manufacturing, can best utilize these advances in automobile planning. By applying linear motors and fuel cell technology, GM will set new standards in car design in America. .
             2.0 Introduction to Environmental Problems and Alternative Solutions.
             Automobiles have remained relatively unchanged for the past 20 years. The revitalization of the automobile industry is paramount. Changes must be made now to remedy the complications that are drowning the car market. Nuisances are the constant tightening of environmental regulations and ever-rising fuel costs. Presently people are looking for environmentally sound ways to solve these drawbacks. .
             The use of the internal combustion engine is to generate power for the car. Power comes in two forms: horsepower and electricity. Horsepower is determined by the size of the engine and the additional apparati that are bolted on. These bolted-on parts are a turbo-charger and a supercharger.

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