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            There is a difference between justice and vengeance. In Medea, the character Medea does not seek justice at all, rather, she seeks vengeance. Medea has no respect for human life, not that of her children, not even her own. Medea does not show compassion for any other person no matter how innocent they are. She takes the innocent lives of others to feel better about her own. Medea not only shows she is cold hearted she is a complete sociopath, taking multiple lives in her quest for vengeance. .
             When Medea discovers that Jason is leaving her she becomes hopelessly depressed and wishes to die. "I wish from that blue sky the white wolf of lighning Would leap, and burst my skull and brain, and like a churning babe cling to these breasts- Ai! - Ai!" (99-100) She also becomes blind with rage and hell bent on seeking revenge against Jason. She is so angered and distraught she even wants to take the lives of her own children. "Death. Death is my wish. For myself, my enemies, my children. Destruction."(44) Once Medea is informed my Creon that she and her children are to be banished she quickly begins to formulate a shrewd and twisted plan of vengeance. First she convinces Creon to pity her enough to give her a few hours to prepare before being exiled. "What harm could she do in the tail of a day.A ruler ought to be ruthless; but I am not.Take it, then. Make your preparations." (212-214) Only moments after Creon exits Medea exclaims, ".gods of my father's country, You saw me low on my knees before the great dog of Corinth; humble holding my heart in my hands For a dog to bite- break the dog's teeth!"(226-228) After buying some time Medea enters the next phase of her plan: finding a safe haven to stay after completing her sick revenge. .
             Medea confronts her friend Aegeus of Athens and makes an agreement with him in which he promises hear safe haven in his city. "I swear by the fruitful earth and high shining heaven to protect you in Athens.

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