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The Emotions of Medea

            In the play "Medea", the author highlights the consequences of the inability to control one's emotions. The main character, Medea faces many tragic events, from being exiled from her homeland to being exiled in the land of Corinth however she also has many bloodsheds on her hands that stains her image in the eyes of the reader. It can be argued that Medea's tragedy is brought upon her by a certain extent because she couldn't control her emotions. Infidelity, heartbreak and a husband finding a new wife was very common in the era of Euripides, if Medea were to accept the fact it was common she wouldn't of have been exiled and killed her children. The main reason for Medea to be exiled is given as because she makes threats against the royal house, however if Medea was kept her silence and cool and not intimidated the royal house she probably wouldn't of been exiled. Also all these tragic events could have been avoided if Medea's love had not falling in love with Jason but inevitably Medea's emotions can be justified due to her mistreatment by those who surround her. Medea in some circumstances shows she has complete control of her emotions. .
             During the time of Euripides it was common for men to have multiple partners and sexual encounters. In that society women were inferior to men and could not voice out their opinions. On the other hand, Medea defies all social norms and voices out her point of view. Medea in anger and her inability to control her emotions makes threats against the royal house. Jason says "you speak your foolish mind and for this exile is your reward". Jason shows the readers that Medea's "tongue" and her inability to control her emotions and what she says consequently lead to her exile that was also foreseen by King Creon who feared Medea's hot temper and "who is easier to guard against, then one who is clever and controls her tongue".

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