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Jason and Medea

            Trying to decipher what women look for in a relationship has been the downfall of men since the beginning of time. This is no different for men in Greek myth, especially those who marry a witch. The main problem lies in the fact that women don't always know what they want, so how in the heck is a man supposed to know what to do? Jason falls into this never-ending and inevitable trap with Medea when in search of the golden fleece. .
             Originally, it seems that Medea's love for Jason was strong and powerful, as she helped him conquer all of his obstacles. However, her love quickly evaporates when she hears of Jason's new love. As the story progresses you see Medea wants only one thing, and that is revenge. This is immediately evident when Medea, speaks of her husband in horrible ways cursing not only him, but also his new wife and his kingdom. She believes that her pain and suffering is unjust, and thus proclaims revenge on her husband's new relationship. This demonstrates how quickly her feelings change and how fierce her new hatred is towards her husband. Revenge, in her eyes, is the only way to cure her sufferings.
             With revenge though, comes conflict; especially in the way she wants to enact her revenge. Her plot involves the murder of Jason, his spouse, and his children. Yet they are not merely Jason's children, they are her children too and by murdering them, she believes she is murdering a part of herself. There is no better definition of conflict than the one that is before her and she realizes how much pain it will cause her to murder the children, yet understands that she must kill them for revenge on Jason. This conflict rips her apart, until finally her evil overtakes her and her children live no more. .
             Jason, on the other hand, doesn't know what Medea wants; her manipulation is mind-boggling. When she confronts him about his second marriage, Jason explains his "reasoning," hoping that it will satisfy her.

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