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Jason and Medea

             Both Jason and Medea are coming before me, the judge of the dead, at the same time. I have only one opening in the Elysian Fields and one opening in Tartarus. As judge of the dead, I must review both cases presented to me completely and thoroughly. This is a decision that must be made carefully because one of them is more deserving of Tartarus and I must discover which one it is. I will review Medea's case first.
             Medea knew how to work very powerful magic. It could be used for both good and evil. She decided to use this power for Jason because she loved him. The times she used it for good it saved peoples lives. The times she used it for evil is when she killed people. She saved Jason's life and she helped him to get the Golden Fleece. Once they had the Fleece, they had to escape to Jason's boat. On .
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             Jason and Medea.
             the way to the boat, Medea killed her brother. Not only did this prevent the King from pursuing immediately, but it got Medea exiled from her home. From what I"ve heard, this was a deliberate action. They could have escaped from Colchis without killing him. But then again, Medea didn"t think so. After they were well on their way, she warned the heroes about Talus, the giant bronze man that lived on Crete. She prayed to the hounds of Hades to destroy him. This saved their lives and made it safe for them to land and refresh themselves and their supplies.
             On returning to Greece, Medea went with Jason. Jason turned for her for help in punishing Pelias for his wickedness. The lovesick Medea helped him of course. She contrived the worst of deaths for pelias. She didn"t actually kill him herself but it was with the use of her magic that he died. During this whole time .
             Jason swore he loved her too. Then she found out that Jason got himself engaged to marry the King of Corinth's daughter. Medea was hurt and she said something that made the King of Corinth fear she would harm his daughter. In order to protect his daughter he was going to kill her but was convinced to just exile her.

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