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            Euripides, a famous playwright of the time, saw faults in the Greek society and so he voiced his opinion to a wide audience by writing and displaying brilliant tragedies. Perhaps one of Euripides's bolder accomplishments was achieved in the production of the tragedy Medea, which expressed and revealed the immorality of female oppression to the conservative Greek society. Euripides, a master of sight and sound, expressed these ideologies to his audience through the use of symbolic context as well as elegant literary techniques found in the text of Medea. I think Euripides suggesting that a human being is unsuccessful if he or she allows himself to be governed by only emotion or by reason. Instead, one must learn to maintain a balance of these two aspects of life. It seems that when Jason and Medea were together as a couple they worked well, achieved their goals readily. Apart they are both failures of sorts. But Medea does succeed in her revenge, though she pays a terrible price. .
             She is not a typical Greek woman because she posses a powerful role and has a dangerous reputation for cleverness. This is unusual in a society that is male under enemy control and women are considered to be weak. Medea makes her decisions based upon her passions, her emotion. The play by Euripides is actually a study of the differences between logic (reason) and passion (emotion, feeling). Jason does things "for a reason," and he uses the word "reason" throughout his arguments. Medea only feels. She is a character of emotion. Her problem is the conflicts of hate and love within her, hate for her former husband, Jason, and love for her sons. What she does she does consciously, deliberating at each step -- but not in the logical way we usually deliberate; rather, governed solely by her emotions at the moment. .
             So, I assert that Medea is indeed in control of her own destiny, though she must make decisions (using emotion) based upon Jason's preliminary decision (using logic) to dump her and marry the King's daughter, thereby increasing the chances that his sons will have a good life.

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