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Medea And Jason: Who Is To Blame?

             Medea was a princess, sorceress, mother, and most definitely a woman. In this travesty written by Euripides we learn of the distraught Medea and the murders she commits. We read and discover the role her beloved husband, Jason, played in them. Throughout the course of things we read of love and lost, hurt, violence, murder and death. Jason did not physically commit any of these horrific murders but is far from guiltless.
             The marriage of Jason and Medea was not exactly standard but was a commitment made between the two parties that Medea took very seriously. She was made to fall in-love with him and could not change that. This was against her will. Jason took a new bride-to-be and abandoned her and his children. He professed his love for them but it was evident that he only wanted to better himself and was selfish. This abandonment is what begat Medea's plot for revenge. "A soul bitten into wrong?" This was the question posed by the Nurse of Medea's intentions. It was undeniable that Medea's thoughts and mental stability was not what they had been before Jason's departure. She even proposed that death would be a release, " what use to I have for life?" .
             Jason broke her heart and offended her. It was known that a foreign man had more status than that of a woman, much less a foreign woman. Medea was a threat to Creon and he gave her orders to flee. She was left with all these emotional whirlwinds and now she was being banished. Jason told her, " Have come to make some provision for you." She told Jason in her conversation to him that she had made it impossible to go home because of the things she had done and had done for him. She would not be safe and how did he propose to her that she would believe anything he said to her after he broke her trust and her heart. She asked, "Why is there no mark engraved on men's bodies, by which we could know the true one's from the false one's?" She was so right on that.

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