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Affirmative Action

            A policy which insures that hiring practices will not discriminate on the basis of race or gender, is known as affirmative action. This policy increases opportunities and prevents legal barriers for minorities and women in the United States. Although affirmative action has had its share of opposing arguments as well as advocates, it has partially abolished and helped most gender and racial barriers. .
             Women as well as men from other races which are known to be considered as minorities have fought since the early 1800's to win their rights and equalities. Such as the ones to vote, have access to better jobs, have more political influence and be recognized for their abilities. This brought up the idea of a term which was first issued by president John f. Kennedy in 1961. "Affirmative Action" which to him would encourage contractors who financed with federal funds to racially integrate their work forces. This executive order told federal contractors to " take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and employees are treated during their employment, without regard to race creed color or natural origin" The current status of affirmative action whether it is good or not still remains undeclared. For instance, in 1996 California voters approved proposition 209 which was an initiative that would end affirmative action throughout the state in public hiring, purchasing and in government business. But most approaches have been stalled and many Americans believe that women and minorities still face obstacles in society like pay discrepancies, racism, and a disproportionate share of violence an poverty. .
             Affirmative action since the beginning in the United States has been a very controversial subject. With the advocates who believe that affirmative action helps mend past injuries, like aiding groups which have suffered from discrimination. Affirmative also insures that those who meet the requirements for certain jobs or promotions do not loose out on opportunities to improve their lives simply because of their race or gender.

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